[Unity3D Plugin] -Speech Recognition using Google v2.0 -  How To Receive

Hello Guys!

We created this guide for guys who want to buy our plugin "Speech Recognition using Google for Unity3d".

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About plugin:

Speech Recognition using Google for your apps on Unity
~ Recording audio
~ Convert to PCM signed integer
~ Send To Google
~ Get request
~ Do command
Supported ALL platforms! The plugin is written in C#
Code supports version above Unity 4.6.x
Documentation included in the plugin package.


Update to Version 2.0 - we added new simple example for you!


Step by step tutorial how to pay and how to receive .unitypackage file.


1. Go to https://account.skrill.com/login and click "sign up", after that you need to create your account:

2. After creation account you need to verify your account and you need to add your credit\debit card:

3. After adding card you need to verify your card:

4. You need to upload money to Skrill Account:

5: After that, you need to click to "Send Money" button, and in email field write "frostweep@gmail.com" and in amout field  write "20"(because price  of the plugin is 20$), after that click to "Review" button:

6: When you pay the plugin - in for 1 hour , to your e-mail will be sent a link to download your copy of the asset. The reference is unique and is valid only for one person. All email s which are paid for goods are recorded in the Database of people who have purchased the product.




If you have any question - please tell me about this using:

email - frostweep@gmail.com


skype: sattelite101

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